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Liv in Paris 1: I MOVED TO PARIS!!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Change in inevitable. And about a year ago I made a decision to change…not just my life, but myself. You know when you’re not in the right place. You can feel it in your soul. And I knew I was not in the right place…mentally, spiritually, or physically. I knew that in order to truly reach my full potential I had to leave. I had to change. I had to stop being afraid and start living my dreams.

There is never a "right time". That is a myth. No amount of money or false sense of security will ever make it feel like the right time to quit your job, fall in love, or do anything worthwhile. It’s a decision. And making that decision is the hardest part.

So I made a choice. To completely step out on faith and abandon every comfort zone I’ve ever known.

It was complete destruction, in the best way possible. Ruin is the road to transformation and that is exactly what I got. Picking up and moving to a foreign country where you do not speak the language is terrifying. But the person I’ve had to become in the process is the type of person I’ve always dreamed of being.

So now what? That’s a great question and I’m excited to find out. #LivInParis is the start of my new journey. The start of me unapologetically living my life to the fullest and chasing my dreams.

So my question to you is what type of life are you choosing? You can either live your dreams or you can live your fears. The choice is yours. C'est la vie! xo

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