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How to Clean Out Your Closet

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Since recently I told you where I shopped and gave you tips on how to shop, I figured this week I could talk about how I clean out my closet/keep it organized. My closet is an investment and in order to maintain it I have to make sure that it's functional. Having my closet organized is the best feeling and I strive to always keep it that way. I regularly clean out my closet (at least once every 2 months) and sometimes more often than that depending on how much I've been shopping. Below are my top 5 tips on how to clean out your closet. These are the 5 biggest things that always help me when I'm cleaning out my closet and I hope they can help you too.

1. Get Rid of Items that You Haven't Worn in a Year If you haven't worn it in over a year chances are you probably won't wear it again...at least not regularly. And obviously I'm not talking about seasonal pieces, but just items in your everyday wardrobe. I know for me I used to always keep t-shirts and sweaters in the hope that I would one day wear them...and I never did. Getting rid of stuff that you don't wear is the first step to realizing what you have and maybe what you need to buy next time you go shopping.

2. Place Clothing into 3 Groups: Keep, Donate, and Sell. Think Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City the Movie (definitely a must see). As you're going through your closet/wardrobe placing items in each group will help make this process much easier. When I donate clothing I usually always give to Good Will...but there are so many places to donate (Salvation Army, Homeless Shelters, etc) it really just depends on your preference. Another great way to recycle items in your closet that are still in new/good condition is to sell them. I'm always so surprised when people don't do this. It's such an easy way to make a few a bucks or get a great new piece for an amazing price. If you're in the DMV or NY/NJ areas I would definitely recommend checking out Buffalo Exchange and Plato's Closet. I have been selling at both places for years now, and I usually always find great pieces. Good Will: www.goodwill.org/donate-and-shop/donate-stuff/ Buffalo Exchange: www.buffaloexchange.com/ Platos Closet: www.platoscloset.com/

3. If it Doesn't Fit....Get Rid of it I know this sounds simple but I can't even count all the times I've kept something even though it didn't fit me right. I would make excuses: but it's so cute, I paid a lot for it...etc. But getting rid of things that don't fit will make way for things that do and will ultimately make your closet so much more functional.

4. Organize Items by Type I group all the coats together, all the tops, blazers, dresses, etc. I also have all of my pants/bottoms organized together in their drawer in closet. It makes finding items so much easier. When my closet isn't organized it takes me forever to get dressed in the morning because I can't find anything. When everything is organized by type it makes getting dressed that much easier because I know exactly where to find each type of clothing.

5. Would You Buy it Again? This is the ultimate question. Ask yourself this question when trying to decide what to get rid of vs. what to keep. If you walked into a store right now and wouldn't by the item again...then maybe you don't need it. This will help you to look at your closet more critically and will ensure that your closet is full of pieces that you genuinely love.

The overall goal of having your closet organized is to realize what you have in your closet and ultimately make your closet work better for you. There have been times when my closet wasn't organized and I actually forgot that I had certain pieces of clothing because I literally could not find them (sad but true). Now that I am in the habit of keeping my closet organized and regularly cleaning it out, not only does that not happen anymore but it also helps me to come up with better outfit. When I can see everything that I have it allows me play around with my outfits more and have fun with getting dressed.

I hope theses tips help you as you clean out your closet and make getting dressed everyday that much better.. xo