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Where Do I Shop? & Tips on How to Shop

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

This is the number one question that I get from people. So I decided to dedicate an entire post to letting you know where I shop and more specifically how I shop. I love buying clothes just as much as the next girl but I definitely see my closet as an investment so I try to be smart about what I buy and how I shop. Obviously I shop at more stores than just the 4 listed below, but these are definitely the top 4 stores where I do the majority of my shopping. xo


ASOS is a UK based online store that I've been shopping at for years now. They have an amazing variety of clothes and are always on top of the trends/what's going on in fashion. ASOS also regularly has amazing sales where everything goes on sale. I love that this store is completely online because the selection they have is awesome. I have literally spent hours searching the entire site and they never disappoint. One feature that I love about the website is that for each item of closing, they have a video of a model walking down a runway in that particular piece so you can see how the item looks/moves in real life. If you've never shopped at ASOS I would definitely recommend that you at least browse the site and see for yourself (you can thank me later ;) ).

TIP: Always try to shop during sales. I know this sounds simple but it will help you so much in the long run, especially if you're like me and on a budget. One way to stay on top of when sales are happening is to follow your favorite stores on social media. Most stores announce there sales ahead of time on Instagram or Twitter so following them will definitely give you a heads up for when to shop.

Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack

I can't say enough good things about Nordstrom. I've been obsessed with the store since I was little. I only recently began shopping at Nordstrom Rack when I moved to DC and discovered that there was one near my school. I think they are both equally great and you can find some really amazing deals at both stores. I typically buy handbags and shoes from Nordstrom but I've also found some really great clothing items as well. The trick for shopping at Nordstrom Rack though is being able to find the best deals. You may have to do a little more digging at Nordstrom Rack but it will definitely be worth it.

TIP: Baby your clothes. Like I said before I treat my wardrobe as an investment and I want to get the biggest return that I can from my investment (i.e. I want my clothing to last as long as possible). I always make sure to read the care instructions before I wash anything, just to make sure washing it won't ruin the piece. Also, having special items dry cleaned is a great way to further preserve the life.


I would say about 1/3 of my closet is from Zara. I went a little crazy while I was in Spain last year, since all the Zara's in Madrid were AMAZING (Zara was founded in Spain and is a Spanish company so it makes sense). I only really buy statement pieces from Zara because they always have pieces that are inspired by recent trends. My biggest advice for shopping at Zara would be to wait for one of their end of season sales, that is the best way to get great deals (but also make sure to shop the first day of the sale before everything is sold out. Everything always goes quickly during a Zara sale).

TIP: Limit splurging. I typically only splurge on items at most once a semester, depending on how I'm doing with my budget. Last semester it was my Zara camel coat. Another semester it was my Marc Jacobs bag. Limiting big purchases really helps make you realize want you want/need. I know since I only get one big purchase I want it to be on something practical that I will get my money's worth out of. This also helps me to save money because I'm not constantly shopping.


Who doesn't love H&M? I feel like no matter what I can always find something that I would wear at H&M. This is where I get a lot of my basic pieces from (black work pants, solid color sweaters, and tops). H&M is especially good for sweaters, blazer, and cute dresses. Sometimes the fit is different than the typical US sizes though, so I would definitely recommend if you're shopping here to try everything on first before you buy it.

TIP: Know how much you want to spend before you start shopping. This is probably the best tip that I can give anyone. It is SO easy to get caught up while you're shopping and end up overspending (trust me, I know from experience). If you start off with a number that you want to spend then it forces you to really pick and choose which items you really want/need.