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Have you ever walked into a meeting and been nervous about what you’re wearing? Have you ever been preparing for an interview and truly had no idea was appropriate to wear? Have you ever had to ask someone if your dress is long enough or if it’s appropriate for work in the first place? That’s where this book comes in. It’s All About Optics will teach you everything about cultivating a wardrobe to help you exude confidence in life and in any professional situation.


In this direct how-to guide, image consultant, content creator, and fashion connoisseur, Olivia Montague, delivers a step by step guide to transforming your wardrobe, helping you to:


  • Identify what you have in your closet and wardrobe basics

  • Create outfits for any professional setting

  • Make budget friendly decisions when shopping

  • Exude confidence regardless of what you are wearing


By the end of It’s All About Optics, you’ll understand how to create specific looks tailored to your professional environment and the importance of having a polished and professional image.

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